A goal of The Jefferson Council is to create an independent forum where stakeholders — students, parents, alumni, staff, elected officials, and others — can discuss the future of the University of Virginia. In the spirit of Mr. Jefferson we are open to a wide diversity of viewpoints.

The Blog

The editors will periodically update this blog with news articles culled from media sources, long-form essays, letters, video clips, photographs, cartoons and other types of content. We invite readers to submit content for publication as a post on the blog, to forward items of interest to the editors, or to participate by commenting on posts.

Our hope is to stimulate a spirit of open and vigorous debate about the future of The University. We will enforce a high standard of civility and decorum in the comments. No profanity. No ethnic slurs. No ad hominem attacks. The editors reserve the right to delete any comment that violates these basic tenets without notification or explanation.

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A longer-term goal of The Jefferson Council is to hold events, whether online or, if allowed by public health considerations, in person. We will keep supporters of the Thomas Jefferson Council updated through the blog and email.