2024 Prospectus

Thanks to the generous support of many alumni, The Jefferson Council has made significant progress upholding the Jeffersonian legacy, defending free speech, and promoting viewpoint diversity at the University of Virginia. Here are the programming highlights we are focused on this year.

Building a coalition of pluralism. Though dominated by a decidedly progressive culture, UVA is not monolithic. The Jefferson Council is building a coalition of groups with shared values and goals.

Bringing philosophical variety to UVA. The Jefferson Council has brought to UVA highly distinguished speakers with viewpoints students would not otherwise hear.

Breaking the information monopoly. The Jefferson Council has cultivated a network of sources with a pulse on the university, and provides an alternative source of news, commentary, and analysis relating to the culture and governance of UVA.

Supporting governance reform. In the past year, we have put special focus on providing research and analytical support for reform-minded board members who share the Governor’s vision for the UVA the Board of Visitors.

Conducting in-depth research. The Jefferson Council’s original research has brought to light issues that are very important to the health and culture of UVA.

Much work remains to be done. UVA is still dominated by faculty and administrators who are antagonistic to views and ideas other than their own. But The Jefferson Council is changing the conversation.

Formerly off-limits topics are open for discussion. Members of the UVA community are shedding their fear of being canceled. The Board of Visitors has begun asserting itself in its dealings with the administration. With your continued support, we will continue to make important gains and celebrate great conversations and courageous leaders crucial to UVA and our broader culture.

Thanks to you, The Jefferson Council is in a strong position to make real and lasting improvements at UVA. We hope you agree that your investment has positively impacted UVA.

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