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Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 5, Right-of-Center 0

(Editor’s note: Ann McLean will periodically take the ideological temperature of articles appearing in issues of UVA Today. As a supporter of intellectual diversity, The Jefferson Council takes no issue with left-of-center faculty, students, and issues being profiled in the University’s official house organ. We do have a problem with an administration that presents only left-of-center perspectives.)

Compiled by Ann McLean, April 2, 2012

Article: Global Forest Losses Accelerated Despite the Pandemic, Threatening World’s Climate 
Deborah Lawrence, deforestation and climate change professor, cited in Washington Post article.
Left of center

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Studies Sounds of Justice
Associate professor of music Nomi Dave documenting women speaking out for gender justice.
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UVa Lifetime Indoctrination

Lifetime education… or indoctrination?

by Walter Smith

On occasion, the University of Virginia’s Lifetime Learning program addresses topics that appeal to a broad cross-section of the alumni population. I have found the courses taught by Michael Ragosta about Patrick Henry to be enjoyable and instructive. Not only did the professor deliver an entertaining lecture about the tumultuous relationship between Henry and Thomas Jefferson, he allowed his students to draw their own conclusions… without the “help” of contexualizers, no less! That’s a crazy idea that UVa just might want to emulate.

Unfortunately, much of the content created to engage alumni, parents and friends of the university reflects a politically progressive mindset that will turn off half its audience.

I focus today upon the Climate Ambition Summit, three events in which each is worse than the other, as seen here, here and here. The sponsors of the Summit include the Environmental Resilience Institute in partnership with UVA’s Office of Engagement, Career Center, the Office of the President, and Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. Continue reading

Gerald Warburg and the Other “F” Word

Gerald Warburg

by Walter Smith

UVA Today seems quit enamored with Gerald Warburg, a national security expert with the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. UVa’s official administrative mouthpiece profiled him yesterday and highlighted the publication in the Wilson Quarterly of his article discussing Congressional dysfunction in matters of war and peace.

UVA Today had featured the former Congressional aide just a few days previously in a post headlined, “Be Grateful, Build Community, Fight for Justice.” The nation is at a “pivot point,” he opined in reflecting upon the Jan. 6 storming of the nation’s Capitol. “The fever of fascism has broken.”

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“This Is the cost of ignoring white supremacy”

The University of Virginia’s Miller Center kicked off 2021 with a virtual discussion entitled, “Race Relations and Criminal Justice in the New Year.”

Kevin Gaines, African American and African Studies professor, was joined by Paul Butler, Georgetown University law professor and legal analyst on MSNBC, to discuss the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection and criminal justice reform, reports the Cavalier Daily.

The speakers used the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol building by right-wing extremists as a jumping off point to discuss systemic racism. Continue reading