A Note from The Jefferson Council Executive Director Jim Bacon

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A Note from The Jefferson Council Executive Director Jim Bacon
November 18, 2023

Dear friend of The Jefferson Council,

Last month the Council invited best-selling author Abigail Shrier to the University of Virginia to share her findings on the transgender phenomenon. Unwilling to contest her ideas in a civil manner, transgender students and their sympathizers tried to shut her down. First, they sabotaged the event-registration process to depress sign-ups. During the event itself, more than 100 angry demonstrators pressed against the sidewalk and shouted insults and profanities at attendees entering Minor Hall. Then, as people were leaving, a group of non-students, possibly associated with Antifa, harassed and vilified attendees as they walked back to their cars.

Protestors outside The Jefferson Council event with Abigail Shrier.

Photo taken by TJC President Tom Neale on his iPhone as the protestors surrounded him screaming “You’re a F-ing fascist, F-ing racist, F-ing homophobe” and wishing death to him and his family.

This is not acceptable behavior at Mr. Jefferson’s University.

The Ryan administration declared the actions “disappointing” and contrary to the university’s ideals of civil dialogue, but it took no action. That is not acceptable either.

UVa has become an incubator of hatred and intolerance. Someone has to stand up for open discourse free from intimidation. That role has fallen to the Jefferson Council.

Follow this link to view a copy of our investigation into the Shrier protests. Read the details, view the photos, watch the videos. We have submitted this report, with three concrete recommendations for preventing a recurrence, to the Board of Visitors.

We have reason to be hopeful. Eight of the Board’s 17 members were appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin. Next year, Youngkin appointees will comprise a majority. But the Ryan administration maintains a tight control over the information presented to the Board. The Jefferson Council is the only reputable source of independent analysis. The Board depends upon us, and we depend upon you.

Please consider a gift to The Jefferson Council so we can continue holding the administration accountable. Help us preserve the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, the Lawn, the Honor Code, free speech, civil discourse, and intellectual diversity.

To donate by credit card, click here.

To donate by check, mail to:

The Jefferson Council
c/o Wilgis, Darrell & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 401
Riderwood, Maryland 21139

Best regards,

Jim Bacon

James A. Bacon
Executive Director
The Jefferson Council
[email protected]

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Legacy Grad 69'
Legacy Grad 69'
6 months ago

Vicious conduct needs to be countered by consequences of appropriate seriousness such as suspension or expulsion. Just words accomplish nothing.

lorna gladstone
lorna gladstone
6 months ago

Love the photo of the fat woman selfing herself with “the finger.” Perfect example of what they are really like. Ugh!!!!!

Dennis Hughes
Dennis Hughes
6 months ago

The fat woman could become a candidate for Dove soap commercials with Ms. Bryant.