AFSA Spotlight: Week of 10/7/2022

Weekly highlights from our friends at the Alumni Free Speech Alliance:

Stanford Alumni Free Speech Group joined AFSA:

AFSA board member Lauren Noble wrote an article about Yale’s free speech codes:

The Jefferson Council board member Ann McLean co-authored the following article in The Federalist, discussing free speech suppression at UVA, W&L, VMI (3 AFSA members) as well as elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Janice Traflet, Bucknell University professor and Open Discourse Coalition affiliate, wrote an article about speaking fearlessly despite the threat of cancel culture:

Free Speech Highlights: 

Robert P. George of Princeton University wrote about the lack of meaningful formal commitments to free speech, viewpoint diversity and academic freedom at colleges and universities:

Charles Lipson, a contributor at RealClear Politics, wrote a short guide to restoring free speech at colleges:

Judge Laurence Silbermanwho passed away this week, delivered a speech about censorship on Constitution Day (Sept. 2) at his alma mater, Dartmouth College:

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