Alumni, Free Speech, and Intellectual Diversity

I’d much rather communicate through the written word than the spoken word, but the American Council of Trustees and Alumni took the trouble of interviewing me and breaking down the video into bite-sized, easily digestible morsels — call them Bacon Bits — so it would be churlish of me not to make them available to the Jefferson Council.

Although the interview took place last fall, the topics are relevant today. Above, I’ve posted one of the nuggets: on the importance of intellectual diversity. All the clips can be accessed below:

On the Founding of the Jefferson Council
On the Importance of the Intellectually Diverse Campus
On How Alumni Can Promote Intellectual Diversity on Campus
On Ideological Polarization
On the Importance of Intellectual Humility
On Creating Coalitions within the Alumni Free Speech Movement
On How the Jefferson Council Engages with All Alumni


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Martin Anthony Senell
Martin Anthony Senell
11 months ago

Listened to them all. So well said. Hope everyone will listen to them.Great Jim.