Goldfarb to Dissect DEI in Medical Schools

Stanley Goldfarb. Photo credit: Do No Harm

In no field of scientific endeavor has the woke revolution made greater inroads than medicine. Militant leftist ideology and its administrative handmaiden, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, are transforming the practice of clinical medicine and medical research into subsidiaries of the “social justice” movement.

From locking down society during COVID-19, to promoting transgender surgery for minors, to agitating against “systemic” racism, America’s healthcare system has become thoroughly politicized.

We know what many of you are thinking – “I agree it’s terrible, but what can I do about it?”

Here’s a place to start. Attend a July 12 speech by Stanley Goldfarb, founder of Do No Harm and author of “Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine.” He will address the topic, “How to Save Medicine from Identity Politics.”

The event will begin 6:00 p.m. with a reception at the Boar’s Head Inn, followed by Goldfarb’s speech. Click here for details.

The Jefferson Council, which upholds the Jeffersonian ideals of free speech, open inquiry, and viewpoint diversity at the University of Virginia, is pleased to support this Do No Harm-hosted event. Do No Harm uses research, lawsuits and communications to shine a light on racially divisive policies and practices in medical schools and healthcare nationally, but the Richmond-based organization pays close attention to institutions in its own back yard such as Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia.

The time to suffer in silence is over. Thousands of other medical professionals share your concerns. Get educated and speak out!

Space at the Boar’s Head Inn is limited to about 100. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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