Great and Good in Action: Counseling for Racial Trauma

by James A. Bacon

President Jim Ryan has rebranded the University of Virginia as “Great and Good.” Great stands for academic excellence which, despite rampant grade inflation, UVA purportedly stands for. Good stands for social justice with a bit of environmental sustainability thrown in. Not only has UVA become a center for the formulation of ever more exotic forms of thinking about intersectional oppression, it is exporting its insights to the community at large.

As we come across examples of Great and Good in action, we will highlight the force that UVA exerts upon the community around it. The Facebook post shown above describes how the Counseling Alliance of Virginia (CAV) partners with UVA’s Federal and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) to advance FEAP’s work to “enhance racial awareness and sensitivity.”

FEAP, we are told, has expanded its services to include not only UVA but 35 organizations in Charlottesville.

The Facebook post describes how CAV is partnering with FEAP to ensure that the UVA organization “remains a comfortable, safe, and inclusive place for everyone in the community while being transparent about the impact of white supremacy, racial trauma and oppression.”

What does FEAP do? Its website describes the following services:

  • Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction
  • Learning how to cultivate sustainable compassion
  • Connecting with local organizations for food, housing, clothing and utility assistance
  • Couples counseling
  • Critical-incident response
  • Treatment for depression
  • Domestic-violence counseling
  • Addressing eldercare concerns
  • Personal financial counseling
  • Free 30-minute legal consultations
  • Mindfulness training
  • Parenting seminars
  • Stress management

Are all these services delivered through an intersectional, oppressor/victim lens or only some of them?

That’s hard to say from the website itself, which does not employ the rhetoric of intersectional-oppression ideology. The same applies to CAV’s antiseptic website. To understand the philosophical theories at work, you have to follow social media posts which haven’t been scrubbed to avoid controversy.

Here’s another CAV social media post highlighting its first Racial Awareness & Sensitivity session in Albemarle County schools. Here we learn that CAV’s mission is to “create a safe space dedicated for the difficult yet necessary conversations around race.”

The CAV post atop this post uses a buzzword common in the counseling community today: “trauma.” Once upon a time, the term was reserved for devastating physical or emotional experiences. Now it’s equated with victimization experienced by racial minorities, women and LGBQT+ people

Funny how this works. Racism, sexism and homophobia are supposedly omnipresent and deeply ingrained in American society. But the racists, sexists, and homophobes aren’t the ones constantly holding conferences and blathering endlessly about race, sex and gender — it’s the leftist ideologues!

From an outsider’s perspective, here’s how counseling and therapy seems to work: Convince people that they are “trauma” victims of systemic racism, sexism, genderism, etc. Get them to interpret and obsess over every negative experience through the intersectional lens. Validate their anxiety and depression as symptoms of phantom forces they cannot control. Explain that racism is systemic and never goes away. Voila! Therapists and counselors create a never-ending demand for their services!

Race hustling has evolved from episodic, headline-driven Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton shakedowns into a mainstream business model.

Is that what’s happening in Charlottesville with UVA’s help? The CAV posts are suggestive but not definitive. The UVA/nonprofit nexus in Charlottesville-Albemarle County is worth exploring in greater detail. The Jefferson Council will continue digging to see what we find.

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John Buckley
John Buckley
4 months ago

They lost me at “white supremacy.”

Lorna Gladstone
Lorna Gladstone
4 months ago

woke and woker. The destruction of UVa. Good job!

Walter smith
Walter smith
4 months ago

UVA is intentionally spreading the DEI virus EVERYWHERE
Check out this site and its 6 subcommittees –
Now look at the Board members. Would you guess the number of activist types from the Left side of the spectrum is 80%?
I think it may be 100%.
These committees aren’t designed to improve relationships, just like the article suggests. More indoctrination. Housing affordability crisis? Systemic racism, of course. More practically I would suggest the problem is UVA with too many overpaid administrators and too many professors for worthless courses, which reduces availability and drives up prices…
No one knows just how deep and wide this cultural Marxist poison has been spread, but it is not by accident.
Get UVA back to education!
Require SATs.
Drop the Common App.
Quit breaking the law.
Kalven Principles
Eliminate the DEI department, all the DEI departmental overlords, and apologize for violating the principles of academic freedom by mandating DEI statements. (How come faculty didn’t object on academic freedom grounds to that? To ask it is to answer it)

The Bootstrap Kid
The Bootstrap Kid
4 months ago

I’m 76. I graduated from the law school in 1978. I I really don’t see how UVA can be liberated from the grip of the democrats/socialists/communists during my lifetime. These people are now in control and will not relinquish that power under any circumstance. Of course, I hope that I’m wrong.

walter smith
walter smith
4 months ago

I’m Law 1984. Please join with me in calling out the Law School.
What happened to Atticus Finch? During Covid no Law Prof raised civil rights issues? No, they had good little puppets printed in UVA Today supporting the policies. No Law Prof raised religious liberty issues IN THOMAS JEFFERSON’S UNIVERSITY? The spying on Trump? No, UVA hires Mueller and celebrates a hoax! The lawfare against the J6 people? They don’t deserve due process? Speedy trial?
Trump’s lawyers get disbarred? I’d disbar the accusers and Bar panels that even contemplate representation as a Bar offense!

Law school has been fully Marx-ized (is that a word?). The UVA Law Federalist Society is the show pony for we are not Commie…but they don’t feel free to speak up, and I wonder if they object to these abuses. I.e. – do they, too, have TDS that civil rights can be abandoned for the higher purpose…

Martin Anthony Senell
Martin Anthony Senell
4 months ago

I’m Architecture 1959. That is when UVA taught architecture and the Dean of the school was an architect. It pains me to say I recently told a friend to tell his granddaughter to look elsewhere for an architecture school. Maybe with our friends in Blacksburg. It is just so sad and hurtful to see what has happened to one of the greatest universities in the country.

Dennis Hughes
Dennis Hughes
4 months ago

It will be a cold day in hell before I give, much less leave the U anything.
Thank you BOV and Jim Ryan.