JTC Honor Committee Update

In a recent article The Daily Progress, Charlottesville’s daily newspaper, highlighted the continuing debate over the University of Virginia honor code. We thank reporter Faith Redd for reaching out to The Jefferson Council for an interview — which is not exactly standard practice (but should be!) for other Virginia media regarding governance issues at UVa.

I was delighted to be quoted at some length in the article, but I would draw readers’ attention to the activities of the Jefferson Council Honor Committee, whose members, including past UVa Honor Commitee members, are far better informed about honor-related issues than I.

The Honor Committee is one of the most engaged committees of the Jefferson Council. Among other activities, TJC Honor Committee Chair David Greenberg and colleagues met this summer with incoming UVa Honor Committee Chair Hamza Aziz and engaged in a productive conversation about the future of the Honor Code. It is encouraging to know that Aziz is open to input from grizzled (and some not-so-grizzled) alumni.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with the TJC Honor Commitee, feel free to contact Greenberg at [email protected].


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