Rising Costs Pushing UVa Tuition Higher

The Jefferson Council released the following press release this morning (Nov. 9, 2023):

CHARLOTTESVILLE—Rising costs, not cutbacks in state aid, are primarily responsible for pushing tuition higher at the University of Virginia. State appropriations for UVa have declined sharply between 2002 and 2022 when adjusted for inflation and enrollment. But tuition has exploded over the same time. Only one third of the increased tuition revenue was needed to offset state cuts. The other two-thirds represented spending increases, primarily in payroll.

Those are the major conclusions of a report, “Rising Costs: The Driving Force Behind Tuition Increases at UVa,” released today by The Jefferson Council, an organization dedicated to upholding free speech, viewpoint diversity, and Thomas Jefferson’s legacy at UVa.

The UVa Board of Visitors is working this fall on how much to increase tuition in the next two academic years. The Finance Committee has scheduled a public hearing November 17 in which students and other members of the public can address undergraduate tuition & fees. The Board is expected to approve a new tuition structure in December.

“The administration purports to support all forms of diversity at UVa,” said Jefferson Council President Tom Neale. “That commitment should extend to socioeconomic diversity. One way to demonstrate that commitment is to reverse the decades-long climb in tuition & fees that is pricing out the middle class.”

“Tuition issues are inseparable from budget issues,” said Executive Director James A. Bacon. “Tuitions are rising because costs are rising. Adjusted for inflation, spending per student increased 50% over 20 years. The Board needs to rein in spending and stop balancing the books by passing on costs to students and their parents.”

The report can be viewed here. For more information contact:

James A. Bacon
Executive Director
The Jefferson Council
[email protected]
(804) 873-1543

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Lorna Glsdstone
Lorna Glsdstone
6 months ago

Get rid of 80% of administration red action dnd one does need tuition increase. Top heavy on sdmin

Legacy Grad 69'
Legacy Grad 69'
6 months ago

Random House Dictionary definition of ‘sinecure’ = “An office or position requiring little or no work.” How many non-teaching positions will students & parents be forced to carry? UVa has become a repository of such people.

William Fold
William Fold
6 months ago

We need to know what the DEI woke bureaucracy costs…word is that these DEI individuals earn beyond their worth. Also, why not use endowment money to reduce tuition increases? And start taxing endowment earnings.