Second Annual Meeting: Glenn Loury

Glenn Loury. Photo credit: Bob Turner

Glenn Loury’s keynote speech at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Jefferson Council last week was a hit. We have received an outpouring of praise for hosting Mr. Loury, as well as thanks for providing a platform for one of America’s most brilliant but insufficiently appreciated conservative intellectuals. We are delighted to inform Jefferson Council members that the good feelings were reciprocated. He sent us a message this morning:

My visit with the Jefferson Council of U.Va. was the most encouraging campus speaking engagement I’ve undertaken in years. I was delighted to see the assembled hundreds of alumni and friends of the University, coming together out of love of the institution and commitment to liberal values, to fight for what they know is right and best for the school. They’re pushing back — with passion, with humility and with determination — against the zeitgeist in the modern university world. They’re resourceful, well-organized and well-led. They’re bound to make a difference. I wouldn’t bet against them. GL

We will post Loury’s speech as soon as the video has been processed.

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Dustin Hecker
Dustin Hecker
1 year ago

Love Glenn Loury. I’m very happy you were able to host him.

walter smith
walter smith
1 year ago
Reply to  Dustin Hecker

Dusty – it was a great speech, and event. See if you can make it next year. Take a cheap JetBlue down to Richmond and I’ll pick you up and drive you over!