Students Launch Conservative Publication

A dozen University of Virginia students have launched an online newspaper, The Jefferson Independent, to provide news and commentary from a conservative perspective on issues of interest to the UVa community.

“In providing an outlet for intellectual diversity, objective truth, and the marketplace of ideas and debate, our goal is to mainstream conservatism amid an increasingly anti-UVA cultural hegemony,” states the publication’s mission. “Our ideas and values will be unapologetically shared and challenged without fear of being ‘canceled’. Never will we allow intimidation to silence us from upholding truth at Mr. Jefferson’s University.”

Victoria Spiotto, a conservative activist and head of the Young Americans for Freedom, is listed on the masthead as “Found + Editor-in-Chief.” The publication is backed by the College Network of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Here are the inaugural headlines:

If We’re Going to Contextualize Thomas Jefferson, Let’s Contextualize Joe Biden

278 Years of Life and Liberty

Letter from the Editor: UVA students launch new conservative newspaper, The Jefferson Independent

You can subscribe to the publication in the sign-up box on the home page.

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