UVa Makes Progress in Restoring Free Speech

You know The Jefferson Council and its allies are having an impact at the University of Virginia when you read items like this in “UVA This Month”:

Free speech flourished on Grounds in April. Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Old Cabell Hall. UVA President Jim Ryan and Provost Ian Baucom wrote eloquently about cancel culture. And a panel including students and professors explored the topic in a candid discussion on the West Range.

There’s no mention in this blurb of The Jefferson Council or the Young America’s Foundation, which sponsored the speech, much less the Young Americans for Freedom, the conservative student group that organized the event. Even the in-house news article to which “UVA This Month” linked neglected to credit those who invited Pence and paid the speakers fee.

That’s OK. The Jefferson Council can take satisfaction in knowing that we are helping change the terms of debate. Free speech was not a preoccupation of the Ryan administration a year ago. We’re delighted that it is now — at least in high-profile events like former vice presidents coming to visit.

Now… if we can just get the administration to address compelled speech. We’ll have more on that shortly.

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Jack Cann
Jack Cann
9 months ago

Forward motion is a victory, despite the baby steps. Now we just have to maintain the momentum.

Angela Box
Angela Box
9 months ago

Good for you and the Young America’s Foundation!!

9 months ago

We/the TJC paid for half of the Pence lecture, yet the Ryan Administration takes credit for “intellectual diversity” on the Grounds. They had absolutely nothing to do with this event.

That’s OK. This is one of our primary core tenets. This is what we are about.

Allan W.
8 months ago

Heard anecdotal story from UVA alum over weekend that many universities’ fundraising campaigns are hitting a snag because alumni donors are pushing back against the ultra liberal wave that’s swept many campuses.

I suspect that’s the reason behind many of the stuff we are seeing such as this item in “UVA This Month” or the recent forum about free speech at UVA.