Virginia Association of Scholars Readings, Week of Dec. 12

Leaders of Alumni Free Speech Alliance and PFS Participate in Second Annual Campus Free Speech Roundtable – Princetonians for Free Speech

In Defense of Arguing – American Institute for Economic Research

How to Respond When Teachers Refuse to Teach – American Enterprise Institute

New York City’s War on Meritocracy – City Journal

Standardized test scores and law school rankings – Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports

One million civil service days a year ‘wasted on equality and diversity training’ – The Telegraph UK

More than 1,000 professors sign on to ‘Stanford Academic Freedom Declaration’ – The College Fix

Does Diversity Training Work? Does Anyone Know? – The Volokh Conspiracy

OPINION Does diversity training work? We don’t know — and here is why. – The Washington Post

The Ongoing History Crisis – Project Muse

Scholars work at ‘Decolonizing Light’ to combat ‘colonialism in contemporary physics’ – The College Fix

The Sign in Lee Jussim’s Window – Minding the Campus

Florida’s public colleges and universities have to try to find new accreditors – WLRN News

Future Journalists Learn to Suppress Free Speech – City Journal

Journalists Against Free Speech – City Journal

Legal group scores win in fight against bias reporting systems – Campus Reform, A Project of the Leadership Institute

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