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john moffet
john moffet
1 year ago

Hi Folks-

Not sure how to get in touch, but I hope you find this note. Below is a copy of an email my wife sent to President Ryan this morning. We doubt we’ll get a reply.

I hope those with a line of communication to the President will ask him this simple question.
Best wishes,
John Moffet

President Ryan

As a parent of a first year student I appreciate your communication during this difficult time.

I am disappointed and do not understand why you would provide only a description of the suspect detailing gender, clothing and vehicle yet leave out vital characteristics such as race, height and weight. 

Have we become so overly sensitive to offending anyone that we fail to leave out critical information in describing a suspect who is still at large? My hope is that students were indeed provide a full detailed description so that they may protect themselves to the fullest extent.

Thank you,

Walter smith
Walter smith
1 year ago
Reply to  john moffet

I doubt you will get a response. Ryan is very careful as to Leftist politics and permitted phraseology. He has to thread the needle of not sounding crazy to alumni to keep the money flowing in, but not alienating his extremely partisan faculty. So he has to offer mushmouth, and I believe he agrees politically with his faculty, but just has to downplay it. A great example was the Emma Weyant swimming medal lost to “Lia” Thomas. He has not taken a position on biology, nor has the Biology department. His only response was at an alumni event in Dallas where he bravely stated it was a difficult issue. See? Threading that needle!
meanwhile, you could try contacting BOV members – while this site doesn’t post the email addresses, if you click on the name, an email opens with the address.