Virginia Association of Scholars Readings, Week of Sept. 26

MIT moves forward with ‘freedom of expression’ statement | The College Fix

Campus Reform | A college professor is challenging the politicization of K-12 education

South Dakota Could Pass America’s Best History Curriculum (

New website allows faculty to rate campus administrators | The College Fix

NAS Recommends Substantial Revisions to Virginia’s Proposed History and Social Science Standards by National Association of Scholars | NAS

New Campaign for Social Studies Standards Reform by David Randall | NAS

California State University professors’ group defends ‘open debate and free inquiry’ | The College Fix

Academic Administrators Are Strangling Our Universities – Tablet Magazine

TaxProf Blog (

TaxProf Blog (

How the Ivy League’s Jewish quotas shaped higher education (

Campus Reform | University of Michigan prepares to launch ‘DEI 2.0’ program

Campus Reform | WATCH: ‘DEI has taken over’ civics education

Scientists defend censorship, cancel culture as ‘recalibrating,’ ‘consequences culture’ | The College Fix

New study finds 80% of faculty trained at 20% of institutions (

I Committed Journalism, and Princeton Told Me Not to Communicate – WSJ

Texas A&M faces lawsuit alleging hiring discrimination against white and Asian males | The College Fix

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walter smith
walter smith
1 year ago

A lot of good articles in that list. Of particular value is the NAS recommendations to Virginia (and Gov Youngkin to act like an executive!)