Virginia Association of Scholars Readings, Week of Sept. 5

Nadine Strossen on the importance of academic freedom and freedom of speech:

Conflicting goals of public education:

Ohio law moves universities to support free speech:

Heritage report on DEI takes similar approach to ours:

Report documents failure of DEI to achieve goals:

More science is now an ideology:


DEI diagnostic tool from Oregon Scholars:

Wokeness is about providing jobs for an expanding managerial class:

Medical schools seek students devoted to DEI:

Website of interest:

Roundup of DEI impact on universities:

Feferal judge orders more discovery in censorship case:

FIRE university free speech rankings:  W&M, GMU and UVA Listed as “above average”

Pressure to remove Youngkin appointee to UVA Board:

The new “loyalty oaths” are widespread:

“… colleges are not, in fact, left-wing institutions:”.

Censorship at Claremont-McKenna:[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3&mc_cid=adf15d26e7&mc_eid=e0b24d655a

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