Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 5, Right-of-Center 0

(Editor’s note: Ann McLean will periodically take the ideological temperature of articles appearing in issues of UVA Today. As a supporter of intellectual diversity, The Jefferson Council takes no issue with left-of-center faculty, students, and issues being profiled in the University’s official house organ. We do have a problem with an administration that presents only left-of-center perspectives.)

Compiled by Ann McLean, April 2, 2012

Article: Global Forest Losses Accelerated Despite the Pandemic, Threatening World’s Climate 
Deborah Lawrence, deforestation and climate change professor, cited in Washington Post article.
Left of center

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Studies Sounds of Justice
Associate professor of music Nomi Dave documenting women speaking out for gender justice.
Left of center

Calendar: Fri.: Webinar, “Racial Equity Speaker Series: Ijeoma Oluo,” writer.
Department of Media Studies and Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Left of center.

Article: One Professor’s Inspiring Transition From Figure Skating to Academia
Tells the story of media studies professor Christopher Ali, a competitive Canadian ice skater, as coming out as gay.
Left of center

Art exhibit: Thur.: Climate Ambition Summit, “Ghost Forest Reception and Virtual Art Exhibit,” UVA, 7–8:15 p.m. Register online
Photo exhibition of “Ghost Forests” on Virginia’s Eastern Shore highlighting the die-off of forests driven by saltwater intrusion caused by sea level rise.
Left of center

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