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A Final Indoctrination for Final Exercises

Melody Barnes served as Director of White House Domestic Policy Council under President Obama.

by Walter Smith

Next weekend is Finals (graduation in University of Virginia speak). The Class of 2021 class arrived at the University just after the traumatizing Unite the Right rally, lived through the backlash against Donald Trump, suffered through the suppression of unpopular conservative views, was afflicted with the Engagements requirements of the new curriculum, and missed about a third of the normal four-year college experience thanks to COVID-19 hysteria. As if the climate of the last four years was not poisonous enough, the administration squeezed in one one final indoctrination experience. I speak of assigning Melody Barnes to be a featured speaker.

Ms. Barnes co-chairs the Democracy Initiative at UVa’s Miller Center. Besides working for years for Senator Kennedy, she served eight years under President Obama. If you check out the news feed attached to her CV linked above, you will find more than enough evidence to conclude she is a rabid partisan – just the right person to lead the Democracy Initiative! Continue reading

Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 7, Right-of-Center 0

Your periodic review of topics deemed worthy of coverage by the administration’s house organ, UVA Today, by Ann Mclean.

Class of 2021: With a Passion for Equity in Education, Graduate Makes Her Mark

African American education school graduate praised for her equity work with the Youth Action Lab and the UVA Equity Center

Casteen Awards Go to Engineering, Nursing, UVA-Wise Community Leaders

Touts award winners for promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives and social change on grounds. Continue reading

Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 6, Right-of-Center 0

Your fortnightly review of topics deemed worthy of coverage by the administration’s house organ, UVA Today, by Ann Mclean.

What Do We Choose to Remember? Q&A With Memory Project Director Jalane Schmidt

This story features a “bird’s-eye view” painting by African-American artist Ross Browne of Richmond’s R.E. Lee Statue surrounded by BLM graffiti. It touted an upcoming April 14th virtual talk led by Jalane Schmidt, with Washington Post columnist Michele Norris, about how the German ban on any Nazi/Third Reich art can apply to the Confederate statue removal/debate.

On Words: ‘Bad’ Words and Why We Should Study Them

An extract from the “Words” article speaks for itself: Continue reading

Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 5, Right-of-Center 0

(Editor’s note: Ann McLean will periodically take the ideological temperature of articles appearing in issues of UVA Today. As a supporter of intellectual diversity, The Jefferson Council takes no issue with left-of-center faculty, students, and issues being profiled in the University’s official house organ. We do have a problem with an administration that presents only left-of-center perspectives.)

Compiled by Ann McLean, April 2, 2012

Article: Global Forest Losses Accelerated Despite the Pandemic, Threatening World’s Climate 
Deborah Lawrence, deforestation and climate change professor, cited in Washington Post article.
Left of center

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Studies Sounds of Justice
Associate professor of music Nomi Dave documenting women speaking out for gender justice.
Left of center Continue reading