Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 6, Right-of-Center 0

Your fortnightly review of topics deemed worthy of coverage by the administration’s house organ, UVA Today, by Ann Mclean.

What Do We Choose to Remember? Q&A With Memory Project Director Jalane Schmidt

This story features a “bird’s-eye view” painting by African-American artist Ross Browne of Richmond’s R.E. Lee Statue surrounded by BLM graffiti. It touted an upcoming April 14th virtual talk led by Jalane Schmidt, with Washington Post columnist Michele Norris, about how the German ban on any Nazi/Third Reich art can apply to the Confederate statue removal/debate.

On Words: ‘Bad’ Words and Why We Should Study Them

An extract from the “Words” article speaks for itself:

There are also a variety of species of “bad” words. The phrase is used to include highly charged racial slurs, as well as sexist, ableist and other biased language. The term “bad words” is also used to demarcate a host of curse words, from the mildly inappropriate to the irreverent and deeply profane. We also use the term “bad word” to pick out terms that are sanctioned simply because of what they refer to: taboo human acts, impolite biological processes and items that people find disgusting. In short, the “bad” of “bad words” is not univocal.

After Professor Canfield’s class, the volume of new questions I had about language was dizzying. My professor appeared to have used this bad word with near impunity! And by doing so, she seemed to exercise her power. Was it magic? Did she bend the norms of reality in that moment? What had happened? That class meeting was the first time that someone genuinely invited me to talk about language and power….” 

Social Media Can Provide Connections for Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Article about the role of technology in the lives of teens and adults on the autism spectrum.

Enslaved People Built the University of Virginia. Now There’s a Monument Honoring Them.

Link to a Washington Post article.

Calendar item: The Changing Face of America: Voters of Color in the 2020 Election,” with  ”Andra Gillespie, professor of political science, Emory University; Mark Hug Lopes, director of global migration and demography research, Pew Research Center… (Center for Politics).

Class of 2021: Retiring Chief Nurse Looks Back on COVID, and the Origins of Her Care

Profile of Mary Dixon, chief nursing officer at UVA for the past four years.

When It Comes to Problem-Solving, New UVA Study Finds That Less Is More

The authors argue that sometimes the secret to good management is subtracting things rather than adding things.

A Closer Look at the Design and Details of the New Memorial to Enslaved Laborers

“Each detail is carefully chosen to spark conversation…”

Founder’s Day Celebrations Are Postponed, Go Virtual

The administration’s updates on the latest delays and virtual meetings stemming from the COVID epidemic.

Calendar item: Climate Ambition Summit: “Climate Risk & Opportunity for Private Capital; Matt Coleman,

Student Council President Abel Liu Named as UVA’s Latest Truman Scholar

UVa’s new student council president, is the nation’s first transgender Asian student body president, is named a Truman Scholar. Says Abel:  “I am humbled to join the ranks of a national community of change agents.”

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