It’s Baaaack!

Photo credit: The Schilling Show

Hira Azher, the fourth-year student who posted a large “F— UVA” sign on the door of her Lawn residence last year, may have graduated, and the University of Virginia may have implemented measures to ensure that messages and displays on Lawn doors comported with the dignity of the Lawn and Rotunda as a World Heritage site, but the “F— UVA” sentiment is alive and well. Hector Terrazas Valencia, resident of room 49, has painted the words, “F— UVA !!! (respectfully)” on a panel of his door.

To prevent the ugly proliferation of leaflets and profanely expressed political sentiments in an architectural gem that attracts many visitors, UVa officials are requiring Lawn residents to confine their verbiage to message boards fitting in the door panels.

Hat tip: The Schilling Show.

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Tom Neale
Tom Neale
2 years ago

Very distressing. The Administration must take immediate action to sanction this kid, just as they did to 238 unvaccinated students and a Med School student who argued with a professor over the definition of microaggression. Those students were suspended from class. Hector Terrazas Valencia deserves that fate… the very least.

Harold Juren
Harold Juren
2 years ago

How in the world do these people get picked to live in Lawn rooms in the first place? In the olden days it was a tremendous honor to be allowed to live on the Lawn, and an unforgettable lifetime memory. It’s sad that they even need a rule regulating the use of Lawn room doors for messages, but since they obviously do, the UVA legal department should be smart enough to draft one that prevents this.


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