Revisiting the Founding Debates

There are still islands of intellectual diversity at the University of Virginia. One of them is an active Federalist Society. On March 4 & 5, the society is hosting an event, “The Federalists Vs. the Anti-Federalists: Revisiting the Founding Debates.” States the event summary:

Many who study the Founding focus only on The Federalist Papers. Of course, the Federalists “won” in that they supported the eventually ratified Constitution. But the Anti-Federalists were the other half of the story. Their concerns framed the debate. And, although they “lost,” they are responsible for our Bill of Rights. This symposium will provide an opportunity to revisit the founding debates and discuss the arguments for and against our Constitution.

The symposium will host six debates/panels on significant constitutional issues:

  • Were the Founders themselves originalists?
  • The Anti-Federalists: planting seeds of American populism
  • 21st century federalism: a view from the states
  • Resolved: the Federalists designed a Constitution of plenary federal power
  • Modern debates, old insights: the Federalists, Anti-Federalists, and executive power
  • Founders & foes

The Jefferson Council urges members of the University of Virginia community to support intellectual pluralism on the grounds. We can think of nothing more important in our current political context than deepening an understanding of the thinking behind the founding of our nation. Please support the Federalist Society.

For details and registration information, click here.


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