The Jeff Celebrates a Full Year of Publication

The Jefferson Independent celebrated its first full year in publication yesterday, the same day as Founder’s Day.

As the only student-run conservative, libertarian, and independent publication at the University of Virginia, “the Jeff” is committed to preserving the “illimitable freedom of the human mind,” protecting and encouraging free speech, and following the truth “wherever it may lead.”

Among the Jeff’s tangible accomplishments: subscriptions now exceed 500, and it has been quoted in Breitbart News.

Check out some of its recent articles:

Young Conservatives Give the Vice President Hope for the Future

“Think Again” Event Discusses the State of Free Speech at UVA

President Ryan Speaks Out About Women’s Swimming Controversy

From Grounds to the White House, and Back Again: Professor Mary Kate Cary

The Fight of the Century: Pro-Life Activist Gavin Oxley


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Larry Chamblin
Larry Chamblin
4 months ago

Is recognition by Breitbart News really an honor? Those who admire Steve Bannon’s former online publication, which has supported Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election, inhabit a different universe than I do. I don’t think Jefferson would be proud of alumni who hold this view.

Angela Box
Angela Box
3 months ago
Reply to  Larry Chamblin

Breitbart News is a pretty good source of news. Not perfect but better than the main stream. I think Mr. Jefferson would approve of an outstanding but still small site like this being recognized by Breitbart News.

3 months ago
Reply to  Larry Chamblin

Larry Chamblin, do you read the NYT and WAPO? Do you listen to CNN and MSNBC? If so, you were oblivious to the Hunter Biden money laundering scandal that the NY Post and Fox News broke 2 months before the 2020 election. The MSN cover up of Biden family complicity is the biggest media political scandal ever.

Do you believe it now or are you still in denial? Biden will rightfully be impeached when Republicans gain control of the House and Senate in the fall election. Hunter will be jailed, Uncle Joe should be as well.

Now, Mr. Jefferson would approve of that. Do you?