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New From the Jefferson Independent…

Highlights from the latest edition of The Jefferson Independent

Middle Grounds: UVA’s Engagements Pathway
Pro and Con student commentaries about the Engagements Pathways curriculum designed to introduce first-year students to the arts and sciences.

Columns in Contention: Thomas Jefferson vs. Frank Lloyd Wright
Comparing and contrasting the architectural styles of Thomas Jefferson and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Jeff Is Back in Action

After a hiatus last spring stemming from a hacked server, The Jefferson Independent is publishing again. Not only does UVa’s alternative student publication provide sports coverage (Cavaliers losing to Tennessee), it dishes out news and views on a variety of current topics.

The First Republican Debate – Minus One Special Someone
If you’re a close follower of politics, you may have tuned in to the first GOP Presidential Primary Debate hosted by Fox News on August 23 of this year….

American Outlaw: Not Even a Mugshot Stifles Donald Trump’s Rise From the Ashes
In just a single instant—one soft push on the shutter release and a lightning flash—the state of modern America was immortalized in a photograph. The mugshot of….

Oliver Anthony Sings for the Souls of Millions
Search “Rich Men North Of Richmond” into YouTube, and you’ll find a man named Oliver Anthony singing the country tune alone in the woods and in front of a….

Middle Grounds: Artificial Intelligence
Our second article in the Middle Ground series focuses on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future. While AI has its roots dating back….

TJC Must Reads

The Impious Attack on Thomas Jefferson / The American Conservative

Some UVa students seem to agree with the “United the Right” marchers that Thomas Jefferson is significant only inasmuch as he supported white supremacy.

Inside Student Activists’ Cancel Campaign against a Youngkin Appointee to UVA Board /National Review

University of Virginia alumnus Bert Ellis, who was recently tapped by Governor Glenn Youngkin to sit on the university’s Board of Visitors, was touring his alma mater’s campus with his family in 2020 when…

The Terrifically Terrible Tours of the University Guide Service / The Jefferson Independent

It’s finally spring break! You’re a junior in high school, touring prospective colleges and one of them happens to be the great and wonderful University of Virginia situated in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia… or so you thought….

Unfounded Attacks Should Not Tarnish Boards of Visitors Appointment Process / The Jefferson Independent

Despite the misguided attacks against his appointment, Bert Ellis deserves his position on the University of Virginia Board of Visitors. Ellis has a demonstrated history of successful business operation and gratitude for the University we call our own….

The Jeff Celebrates a Full Year of Publication

The Jefferson Independent celebrated its first full year in publication yesterday, the same day as Founder’s Day.

As the only student-run conservative, libertarian, and independent publication at the University of Virginia, “the Jeff” is committed to preserving the “illimitable freedom of the human mind,” protecting and encouraging free speech, and following the truth “wherever it may lead.”

Among the Jeff’s tangible accomplishments: subscriptions now exceed 500, and it has been quoted in Breitbart News.

Check out some of its recent articles:

Young Conservatives Give the Vice President Hope for the Future

“Think Again” Event Discusses the State of Free Speech at UVA

President Ryan Speaks Out About Women’s Swimming Controversy

From Grounds to the White House, and Back Again: Professor Mary Kate Cary

The Fight of the Century: Pro-Life Activist Gavin Oxley


The Jefferson Independent, Feb. 4, 2021

More columns and articles from The Jefferson Independent, the University of Virginia’s conservative, independent student publication:

Opinion: The Booster Requirement: A Politically Shifting Timeline
The spring semester at UVA has officially begun, and, as promised, all classes are currently being held in person. However, the University, along with many other higher learning institutions, no longer considers double-jabbed students fully vaccinated.

YAF at UVA: Inside the Most Controversial Club on Grounds
You may not like them, but you cannot ignore them. With relentless activism and largescale speaker events over the last semester, Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Virginia continues to be the leading voice of the conservative student…. Continue reading

Latest From The Jefferson Independent

Read the latest stories from the University of Virginia’s independent, conservative student publication: Selling “White Fragility” in the student bookstore… vandalizing the Young Americans for Freedom 9/11 display… and much more.