TJC Sponsors Debate on Climate Policy

Climate change, it is commonly said, is “settled science,” so there is nothing much to discuss but the details. Advocates of the proposition that rising CO2 levels are creating an existential crisis for mankind typically refuse to contend with skeptics in an open forum on the grounds that it is senseless to give a platform to “deniers.” But skeptics have ample grounds for questioning the conventional wisdom.

Our friends at the Cornell Free Speech Alliance in partnership with the Steamboat Institute managed to pull off the seemingly impossible this month: a debate between two eminent authorities — Robert H. Socolow and Steven E. Koonin — on the proposition, “Does climate science compel us to to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions?”

The Jefferson Council is proud to have sponsored an event that furthers the civil exchange of views and broadens the scope of permissible discourse. You can watch the debate by clicking on the image above.

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Noel Schweitzer
Noel Schweitzer
1 year ago

It’s about time!!!
Perhaps the climste fanatics will also reintroduce the idea that the earth is flat.

The Eye Ball
The Eye Ball
1 year ago

When it comes to the man-made climate change theory, I am an atheist.