Intellectual Diversity Scorecard: Left-of-Center 7, Right-of-Center 0

Your periodic review of topics deemed worthy of coverage by the administration’s house organ, UVA Today, by Ann Mclean.

Class of 2021: With a Passion for Equity in Education, Graduate Makes Her Mark

African American education school graduate praised for her equity work with the Youth Action Lab and the UVA Equity Center

Casteen Awards Go to Engineering, Nursing, UVA-Wise Community Leaders

Touts award winners for promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives and social change on grounds.

Researchers Predict New Variant-Propelled Surge in COVID Cases Will Hit Charlottesville in May

Here UVA Today links to an article in Charlottesville Tomorrow. The University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Institute & Initiative predicts a surge in COVID-19 cases from the highly contagious U.S. variant of the virus.

I Grew Up Afraid. Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ Is The Lesson I Needed

UVA Today links to an article in VPM News written by Ashon Crawley, an associate professor of Religious Studies and African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia. Crawley profiles a gay black rapper named Lils Nas X.

This piece is very strange, about fear. An excerpt:

“…What is so striking about the song, the video and the running commentary he has offered through social media is how Lil Nas X works with, really metabolizes and thinks with, fear. Fear that is the theologically produced and doctrinally maintained practice of power, authority, control. The fear of being outed. The fear of rejection by the gods. The fear of erotic joy leading to premature death.

Study: Northern Virginia’s Population Still Growing, But Not as Fast as Before

This article highlights the work of UVa demographer Hamilton Lombard, who describes how the rate of Northern Virginia’s population growth has slowed dramatically.

UVA Initiative Looks at Our Relationship With Statues and Memorials

UVA Today links to a profile in NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday” of Jalane Schmidt’s Memory Project.

UVA Health Announces Billing Policies and Practices

UVA Health, which had been criticized for its aggressive billing tactics, announces new guidelines based upon a patient’s willingness to pay.

Innovation, Economics, and Equity: The Future of Decarbonization

Alumni, parents, and friends are invited to join a discussion exploring how new ideas and the changemakers who implement them are making it possible to chart a pathway to eliminate greenhouse gases from the economy by mid-century.

Class of 2021: Sterling Clay Has Learned to ‘Compete With Yourself, and Not Others’

Finally a profile of a white male!! But, of course, he’s gay.

But perhaps the most significant of all his extracurricular endeavors, he said, has been spent serving as president of Pride at McIntire. The organization had been dormant for three years before Clay revived the group, which focuses on guiding LGBTQ+ students interested in exploring careers in business while helping to promote acceptance and inclusion University-wide.

“Cuffee Mayo Speaker Series: Film Screening + Conversation With Joan Trumpauer Mulholland,” civil rights activist

Presented by the (Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Diversity Programs and Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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