The Jeff Is Back in Action

After a hiatus last spring stemming from a hacked server, The Jefferson Independent is publishing again. Not only does UVa’s alternative student publication provide sports coverage (Cavaliers losing to Tennessee), it dishes out news and views on a variety of current topics.

The First Republican Debate – Minus One Special Someone
If you’re a close follower of politics, you may have tuned in to the first GOP Presidential Primary Debate hosted by Fox News on August 23 of this year….

American Outlaw: Not Even a Mugshot Stifles Donald Trump’s Rise From the Ashes
In just a single instant—one soft push on the shutter release and a lightning flash—the state of modern America was immortalized in a photograph. The mugshot of….

Oliver Anthony Sings for the Souls of Millions
Search “Rich Men North Of Richmond” into YouTube, and you’ll find a man named Oliver Anthony singing the country tune alone in the woods and in front of a….

Middle Grounds: Artificial Intelligence
Our second article in the Middle Ground series focuses on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future. While AI has its roots dating back….

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